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        1. How to get there

          By road
          By train
          By bus






          Useful telephone numbers
          British Rail's Information line:
          08457 48 49 50
          National Express link
          08705 80 80 80 (10p per min) www.nationalexpress.com
          Local buses to Stonehenge

          The Post Code for Stonehenge  is: SP4 7DE and Avebury
          is :SN8 1RF






          By road



















          By Train

          From Amesbury
          Follow the signage.

          From London Gatwick Airport
          Take the M23 motorway and join the M25 motorway, following the signs for Heathrow Airport.
          From the M25, exit at junction 12 for the M3 motorway towards Basingstoke.
          Once on the M3 follow it to junction 8 signed A303 Andover.
          Continue on the A303 ALL the way until you reach a roundabout. Follow the signage.

          From London Heathrow Airport
          Follow signs to the M4 West.
          Continue for about 2 miles and come off at junction 4b onto the M25 South bound.
          Follow the signs for Gatwick Airport. From the M25, exit at junction 12 for the M3 motorway towards Basingstoke.
          Then follow the directions as above.

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          The nearest train station to Stonehenge is Salisbury about 9.5 miles away.
          From London the trains depart from Waterloo Station to Salisbury.
          Check for times and prices as these may be subject to change and the trains depart approximately every hour. The journey takes about an hour and a half. Local buses or a cab can take you on.

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          The buses depart from Heathrow Airport and from Victoria Coach Station in the centre of London. The journey takes about 2 hours.
          Get off at Amesbury.
          From there you can either walk (about 2 miles) or get a taxi.

          You can buy tickets on the coach, at the coach station, or from ticket agents for National Express. It is the cheapest way to travel to Stonehenge.

          If you are coming from Gatwick Airport you will need to first get to Heathrow Airport or to Victoria coach station (you can do this by bus) and from there change buses to Salisbury.

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          By bus