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        1. Image of Stonehenge with red sky background

          Radiate your love to those in need the world over...

          It has been estimated that the construction took more than thirty million hours of labour.

          Speculation on the reason it was built range from human sacrifice to astronomy.

          Looking to find out about Stonehenge and other ancient stone henge sites and stone circles within Britain?

          Or for practical information to make your visit easier?

          Find it here, at Stonehenge.co.uk


          Sponsor a guide-dog puppy

          See Stonehenge from the inside...

                     Experience Sunset Tours of Stonehenge and
                                                                 go into the stone circle..

          With these Tours on the right and below, you can have a private viewing of the vast monoliths. The Tour guides will explain the history of the ancient site while you have time to enjoy the tranquility and experience a true sense of awe.



          For FREE entrance to Stonehenge
          and many hundreds of other properties,

          The National Trust

          The Summer Solstice Celebration is always MAGICAL!!
          CLICK here for PHOTOS of:
          Solstice 2010....Please send in your photos to show the World.
          Solstice 2008....Very wet, but you cannot dampen the spirits.
          Solstice 2007....Perhaps a fleeting glimpse? Sorry, not this year.
          Solstice 2006....Promising, but no great light in the sky.
          Solstice 2005....This is the year when the Sun shone!!

          Express your feelings, email photos on this or any other matter you wish to share with the World. Write to us at: Visitors Comments


          Home | About Stonehenge | Visitor information for Stonehenge |
          and Window on Britain
          If you have any queries please contact us at: info@stonehenge.co.uk

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